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Honor, Fate, and Faith

Leaving a loving wife and children to go to war is a difficult decision. Fighting for the better good, however, will drive that decision.

Crippled by a bullet, Mason Caldwell returns home. Family will be only part of his healing. People he meets and adventures he experiences bring him strength, peace, and deeper faith in the Lord he loves.

For the farm to flourish, Mason must rely on his son Mark. John, the adventurous younger son, finds a niche in law enforcement with a friend he meets on the streets of Crockett. Daughter Jennie finds true love in someone other than a cowboy. Who else is there in Texas besides cowhands or farmers?

The local sheriff, however, has a quarrel with Mason, and things get very tense as this relationship comes to a head. A soldier enters the life of “Captain Caldwell” who needs to right a wrong from the time Mason was shot. A half-breed, Luke has also had a hard life, but love from a crippled girl may just be his redemption.

As these folks move through their lives, sharing their respect not only for each other but for all humanity, we will see their faith crowned by love from their hearts and grace from above.

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Crown of Thorns

Marcel creates a form of torture never conceived of before, a crown of thorns. After weaving the crown, he places it on the head of Christ. This does indeed please his commander, but unexpectedly, Marcel suffers his own sudden torture. In pain and bloody agony, he looks into the eyes of Jesus and is overcome with bewilderment as he sees only love. How can love come from such a vicious act?

This is the story of a Roman soldier ordered to perform a duty that will change his life forever. Marcel is directed to find a form of torture for a man on trial who calls himself a king. So he conceives the idea of a crown – made of thorns.

Though this pleases his commander, as Marcel places the crown on the prisoner’s head, he unexpectedly suffers his own sudden torture when a thorn pierces his finger. In pain and bloody agony, he looks into the eyes of Jesus yet sees only love. How can love come from such a vicious act?

In his quest to learn all he can about this man, Marcel encounters many people, some devoted followers of Jesus and some who mock and detest him. He also experiences his own miracles.

One person who will help him on his journey to understand this king is his loving wife Delicia. She will both challenge and comfort him as he struggles with the many questions he strives to answer.

Yet in the end, he will have to make a life or death decision.

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The Gospel of Matthew With Jason and Friends: A Conversational Commentary

It is not quite twenty years after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem when a number of early believers in Yeshua gather in a private courtyard in Pella to study the scroll of Matthew’s gospel. Jason, an older man who has been a leader to the others, has invited local scholars to come share their expertise with the group. Among those present are several former rabbis, other experts on various scrolls and three young people eager to learn. Join them as they take a deep dive into the Scripture, especially as it relates to the Torah and Tanakh of the Jewish faith.

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Honor, Fate, and Faith

Honor, Fate, and Faith